A change is as good as a holiday (to a strange tourist attraction)

DSCF5242Over the last few years I have visited some of Australia’s weirdest, most wonderful and under-appreciated places, and written them up on the site Crap Tourist Attractions.

I tried very hard to keep the site positive and celebratory rather than mocking. But to a degree it’s all in the name. I’m hoping that Far Out Australia captures the unfiltered passion and the uniqueness of these places without implying that they’re not worth the price of admission. They absolutely are. And you should go if you’re ever in the area.

It’s rare that you get to visit somewhere that hasn’t gone through a committee and had all the life and wonder stripped out of it before opening to the public. What I love about all the places I have written up is that they are mostly the vision of one or two people who are bringing something they love to the world around them. They are the mavericks and, often, the outsiders. And for me they bring so much more to our culture and the community at large than a reality television show in prime time.

Do you have an idea for a place to visit, someone to interview or a truly outlandish experience? I encourage you to drop me a line and let me know.

Mark Murdoch
Surreal tourism enthusiast and webmaster

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