Lost Trades Fair, Kyneton, Victoria

Thousands made the trek to Victoria’s Lost Trades Fair over the weekend to see some olde world crafts in their natural habitat.

Penny farthing makers, calligraphers, kayak builders and cordwainers breathed new life into traditional wares, and the crowds lapped it up. Check out all the action in this special report from Far Out Australia.

Dr Frankenstein’s Museum of Monsters, Zeehan, Tasmania (now closed)

Classic monsters like mummies, giants and centaurs mix it up with monstrous versions of celebs and local townspeople in north-west Tasmania.

Check out one woman’s unique gift at Dr Frankenstein’s Museum of Monsters. I even got to take home a pierced pickled tongue as a souvenir.

A totem pole tribute to the navy in Petrie, Brisbane – yes, really

This tribute to the navy is a subversively odd homage to our bell-bottomed heroes of the seven seas.

All the most familiar naval figures are there – the guy with a handkerchief over his face, the nurse with the dislocated wrists holding a baby, the guy in the jumpsuit with the arms that hang uselessly by his sides, and the burly totem pole sailor with no neck. Oh wait, none of them have necks.