The town of Glenrowan vs the legend of Ned Kelly

For better or worse, Ned Kelly is the closest thing Australia has to Davey Crockett or Robin Hood. And here you can see what a fitting tribute Glenrowan offers its most famous son – a couple of ugly totem poles and a rock in front of a field with a pony and a bathtub full of water.

Turnip-o-lantern carving, Halloween

Pumpkins are Halloween’s rock star vegetable, so you might be surprised to learn that smaller root vegetables such as the humble turnip have been carved into jack-o-lanterns for much longer. So Halloween seemed like an opportunity to dig in to a bit of ancient culture while making some questionable puns about root vegetables.

Super Bee Honeyworld, Sunshine Coast, Queensland (RIP)

Ambition is a noble thing, but in regional tourism it is definitely possible to be too ambitious. While Super Bee’s honey was (and still is) very tasty indeed, the addition of unconvincing fairytale dioramas and second-rate mini golf ended up cheapening the things it did really really well.