Rabbit petting at The Macadamia Castle, North of Ballina, NSW

Much to my disappointment, this castle was not made out of macadamia nuts. However, if your preferred holiday experiences include “rabbit petting”, you’ve come to the right place. They do it three times a day here.

The Coffin Ride, GlowGolf Docklands, Melbourne

If you’re looking for something to do this Halloween, I cannot recommend The Coffin Ride highly enough. I for one have never seen or heard of anything like it – basically a coffin on hydraulics that lets you experience the journey from the funeral parlour to the grave.

Super Bee Honeyworld, Sunshine Coast, Queensland (RIP)

Ambition is a noble thing, but in regional tourism it is definitely possible to be too ambitious. While Super Bee’s honey was (and still is) very tasty indeed, the addition of unconvincing fairytale dioramas and second-rate mini golf ended up cheapening the things it did really really well.